Chmod App Reviews

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Could be better...does what it should

there are a few features that would be nice to make this complete, including support for the stickybit, other than that it does what it needs to and it's free!

Words cannot describe

Words cannot desribe how useful this little app has been!

Needs suid

Great app for free. Could use sticky bit and set uid / gid

Visual representation of Linux Permissions

Nice interface. Sounds and graphics are helpful without being distracting. Very helpful if you are learning, and want an easy way to check settings. Or if you are new to the linux world or binary notation.

Great Application

With switching OS's all the time, it's nice to have a utility to quickly verify permissions.

Nice app!

Does what I need it to and it's free. Can't get much better than that!

Thanks chmod

Works, easy to use, and free. Thanks chmod!

Great app

Awesome app. Was about to get visual mod but this one is free and offers all the functionality I need. The scroll and buttons are easy to use.

Does Exactly What It Says It Will Do

Simple no frills application that is a great utility to use when accessing remote systems.

Great App for Unix

I like the custom checkboxes. Perfect!


Great app! The next version you should add the chmod string too.

Very Useful

Great app. Useful. Something I will use often. Thanks!

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